Gang rape of young man in Ceará has three military police officers as suspects

Three military police officers are suspected of participating in a gang rape against a young woman in the state of Ceará. The Comptroller General of Discipline of the Public Security and Penitentiary System (CGD) investigates the participation of agents in the crime that took place last weekend in Fortaleza.

This Friday (28), the controlling body established an ordinance to investigate the conduct of the PMs. As published in the Official State Gazette (DOE), a warrant officer and two soldiers would have participated in the crime that had a woman who was waiting for an app driver and would be under the influence of alcohol when she was raped.

The report found that the PMs were on duty and would have offered a ride to the victim in the police car. According to the witness’ testimony, the crime took place in the early hours of January 23. The woman missed some friends and would have been alone on the sidewalk of a bar in Conjunto Ceará.

That’s when the car approached and the military started talking to the victim. They would have said they could offer her a ride because the destination she was going to was on their route. After leaving the scene, the vehicle stopped on a road and the police officers reportedly asked the victim to get off.

PMs must be off duty for 120 days.

According to the woman’s testimony, she does not remember exactly what happened afterwards, but she remembers that one of the policemen squeezed her breast and she lost her shorts. The victim would have been raped first by the driver of the vehicle.

“After the sexual act, he was left at a friend’s house, where he took a shower, told what had happened and went to the police unit to report the crime, having carried out a forensic examination”, according to the CGD ordinance. The documentation pointed out minimal elements about authorship and materiality and demonstrated, in theory, the occurrence of a disciplinary infraction by the military.

CGD claims that based on the facts, the investigated were immediately removed from their duties and a disciplinary council was set up to investigate the transgressive conduct attributed to them.

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