Government of SP determines that students show proof of vaccine against Covid – 01/28/2022 – Education

New resolution of the Secretary of Education of the State of São Paulo will determine that students from the state network present proof of vaccination against Covid.

The rules for resuming classes, which will be published this Saturday (29) in the Official Gazette, provide that students without immunization cannot be prevented from attending school.

However, if the documentation is not presented within 60 days, notification must be made to the Guardianship Council, the Public Ministry and the health authorities.

Proof of vaccination will be required from students from five years old, a range already covered by vaccination against the coronavirus. In the second quarter, the legal guardians of the students will have to present proof of vaccination with both doses or a medical certificate that contraindicates vaccination.

According to Anvisa’s authorization, five-year-old children can only take the Pfizer vaccine. From the age of 6, in addition to Pfizer, there is a release for Coronavac.

THE leafthe secretary of education, Rossieli Soares, stressed that students without immunization should be released to attend face-to-face classes.

“We will never ban a child from attending school. If the parents or guardians are in denial, the child is not to blame,” he said.

“That’s why we are determining that the Covid-19 vaccination card is presented at the end of the first two months by parents and guardians, because if they do not present it, they must be held responsible.”

Vaccination coverage for adolescents aged 12 to 17 years has already reached 89.3% in the state of São Paulo, with two doses. In the case of children between 5 and 11 years old, who started to be vaccinated in January, 12% are immunized with the first dose.

The new resolution of the secretary of education also determines that classes must be in person in all schools, public and private.

According to the document, only students with comorbidity for Covid-19 who are not yet immunized can continue in remote teaching, as long as they present a medical certificate.

The resolution maintains safety protocols, such as the use of alcohol gel, masks, temperature measurement and hygiene of environments and hands. Contaminated students must be turned away and those with whom they have come into contact monitored.

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