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During the launch of Great Wall in the country, the R7 had contact with executives who gave a little more detail about the first moment of the brand, especially the vehicles that Brazilian consumers will see in stores. Officially, GWM has not confirmed any vehicles, but there are solid clues about the first steps.

By the end of the year, the brand intends to launch its first vehicle, which will still be imported. “We are talking to about 30 groups of resellers interested in partnering with us. So, when we launch our first vehicle, we should have between 25 and 30 dealerships by the end of this year”, says Oswaldo Ramos, commercial director.

Will the first vehicle be the Poer pickup? Not yet. See what the executive said: “A utility is for the second moment, when we already have this network well established, because after-sales is very important in this segment. We will also operate with subscription cars and, more than establishing GWM in huge buildings, we will offer effective customer service”.

And what will these models be?
GWM confirmed that it will operate with three divisions or sub-brands here: Haval, focused on crossovers, Poer, which is the pickup truck division, and Tank, which produces models with luxury appeal and focused on the off road line. The brand will only sell and produce hybrid and electric models here. Thus, it should already position itself with models from R$ 200 thousand, observing the current reality of the market.

But before knowing them, it’s worth the alert: all images are illustrative. Although we know the models through the international media, the models that will be sold here will accompany the launches of the Beijing Motor Show, held in April this year. “Everything that has been published based on international websites is wrong. These are products that were launched two or three years ago. Here we will have the news that will be presented at the Beijing Motor Show”, added Ramos.

The sport utility line will use the LMN modular platform and the 1.5 turbo hybrid engine with power between 230 and 430 hp, combined with an electrical system with range extender. GWM talks about consumption of up to 200 km/l in the combined system and at least 78 km/l. The H6 and F7 models are quoted for the local market, although the brand has already registered the “Macchiato” at Inpi, which can also be an option, as well as the Jolion. If GWM wants to launch ten models by 2025, the four must enter the list right away. The Haval line should debut in the country with this hybrid technology manufactured locally as early as 2023.

pickup trucks
The Poer line should enter the midsize pickup segment in a highly contested market. Poer may have two models in the country: one with a utility appeal and another as a model more equipped with adaptive cruise control and full LED headlights, among other attributes, such as 5G connection and response to voice commands. In China, the pickup has two engine options: 2.0 turbo diesel with 160 hp and 2.0 turbo gasoline with 190 hp, always with 4×4 traction.

Great Wall’s luxury division already has two models registered here: the Tank 300 and the 800. And they differ not only in size, but also in proposal. If they are actually sold here, the 300 model should explore the beefier profile, like the extinct Pajero Full (it has straight lines and a similar profile), and should offer a 227 hp 2.0-liter turbo engine or even a 1.5-liter turbo in the same range. of power associated with the electric motor. The Tank 800 has a similarity with the Rolls-Royce and V6 3.0 hybrid engine.

It should come in a second moment, but this division of electric models has very peculiar representatives. It is the youngest brand of the GWM group, with only four years of life, and it works with the “Lemon” platform. The brand has the popular R1 subcompact, in addition to the ES11 and the future IQ, a compact crossover based on the same platform.

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