How does changing the FGTS withdrawal method work?

How does changing the FGTS withdrawal method work? Understand what happens when the worker changes the method of withdrawing the Guarantee Fund after being fired.

I would like to know if I cancel my FGTS birthday withdrawal and am fired, after the 2-year grace period will I be able to withdraw this amount that was withheld? Answer: No.

When the worker opts for the FGTS birthday withdrawal, he loses the right to receive the Guarantee Fund in the event of dismissal. If you are fired, you will only receive a 40% fine.

But even if you regret the decision immediately, the return to withdrawal-withdrawal will only occur on the first business day of the 25th month following the request, explains Caixa Econômica Federal.

At the end of the 25-month grace period, the worker returns to the withdrawal-termination system, but cannot withdraw the money that was “stuck” when he was fired from that job, except in cases where the law allows.

According to Caixa, those who opt for the birthday withdrawal can move the FGTS account in the following cases:

• use for own housing
• serious diseases
• retirement
• public calamity and others, except in cases where dismissal without just cause occurs
• termination due to mutual fault or force majeure
• termination by mutual agreement between the worker and employer
• termination of the fixed-term and temporary employment contract
• death of the individual employer
• company bankruptcy or contract nullity
• suspension of temporary work

In these cases, the worker is guaranteed the withdrawal of the termination fine, when due.

Understand what happens after giving up

See this example: consider that a worker has joined the birthday loot and has a birthday in July.

In August, he decides to change the FGTS system to the withdrawal-termination modality. You will have, according to the law, to wait for a grace period of 25 months from the date of the request to return to withdrawal-withdrawal.

During this grace period, he is fired without just cause.

What will he receive while the shortage lasts?

In this case, explains Caixa Econômica, when fired, he will only have access to the 40% fine and not to the entire value of the FGTS account, as would occur if he was still in the withdrawal-termination mode.

During the grace period for the birthday withdrawal, the worker can also make the birthday withdrawal in the months of July of the following two years (for example, 2022 and 2023).

As of September 2023, the grace period ends and the withdrawal-withdrawal takes effect again.

And only after that date, if you are dismissed without just cause, you will be able to withdraw the money from the Fund, plus the fine.

How to opt for the birthday withdrawal?

Workers can make the option in the FGTS APP and indicate a bank account at any financial institution to receive the amount automatically.

How much will I be able to withdraw each year?

The anniversary withdrawal allows the redemption of 50% of the Fund for those who have up to BRL 500 in their account, up to 5% for those with more than BRL 20,000.

Anyone with a balance of up to R$500 can withdraw 50% of the FGTS amount. The percentage goes down as the amount of money increases. Look:

Percentage + additional installment for FGTS anniversary withdrawal

How do I check my account balance?

It is possible to check the balance of the FGTS accounts by extract received at home, through the website, by app and in person at Caixa branches.

How long will the money be available?

The amounts are available for withdrawal for a period of three months, counting from the first working day of the month of birth. For example: if the anniversary date is March 10th, the worker will have from March 1st until the last working day of May to make the withdrawal. If the worker does not withdraw this resource, he automatically returns to the FGTS account. Source: R7

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