‘I was scared, but I took R$ 70’, says miner who filmed man throwing money into the air in downtown BH | Minas Gerais

On the morning of this Thursday (27), a man in a black shirt, jeans and a cap put his hand in his pocket and threw up notes of R$10, R$20 and R$50. The place chosen for the act of detachment (generosity or madness?) was Praça Sete, the busiest point in downtown Belo Horizontewhere, every day, thousands of people cross the avenues Amazonas and Afonso Pena.

“I saw movement, I took my cell phone and started filming. Then I saw that he took the money and threw it up. I was scared, but I took R$70”, said Vinícius de Souza. It was he who made the video that went viral on the internet.

People who passed by at the time, street vendors, gold buyers, sellers of 3×4 photos, users of the Integrated Service Unit – UAI, rushed to guarantee at least one note.

People catch money thrown by a man in Praça Sete — Photo: Vinícius de Souza/Personal archive

No one knows why the boy got rid of the money. But Vinícius guarantees that the ballots are real.

“I even paid my bills. Everything is fine now”, said the lucky one.

The Civil Police said that, so far, no incident has been registered in the case.

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