In his debut for São Paulo, Alisson loses a ball dispute and a Guarani player scores a great goal; see the bid

Alisson’s debut with the São Paulo shirt ended up not being the best possible. After changing airs after finding himself without a climate at Grêmio, where he was a starter for much of the relegation campaign in the 2021 Brasileirão, the midfielder started playing in the new club and ended up losing the ball in the first goal of Guarani, this Thursday, for the Paulistão.

São Paulo played away from home and the midfielder dominated a ball towards their own defense and then tried to get away. But, before that, the striker Lucão do Break won in the body and hit a beautiful kick in curve in the angle, making the first of the victory of Bugre by 2×1:

Alisson, right at the presentation conference with the São Paulo shirt, avoided any controversy related to Grêmio and even showed gratitude to the club:

“Regarding Grêmio, I went through some family problems that I asked the board of directors in the middle of last year to leave. I spoke with Marcelo Oliveira, with Diego Cerri. But it’s over. I am very grateful to Gremio. I walked out the front door just as I walked in. I have enormous affection and I hope they can return to where they should never have left”, he quoted.

Revealed at Cruzeiro, the midfielder arrived at Grêmio in 2018 along with Thonny Anderson in the same negotiation that took right-back Edilson to the Minas Gerais club.

First-hand news from the club:

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