In the sights of the TCU, Moro says he received 45 thousand dollars a month from Alvarez & Marsal

Revelation was made in live held alongside federal deputy Kim Kataguiri (Podemos-SP); information will be forwarded to the Court

Cleia Viana/Chamber of DeputiesParliamentarians also suggested collecting signatures to install CPI to investigate Sergio Moro’s conduct at the consultancy

In a live held alongside the federal deputy Kim Kataguiri (Podemos-SP), the former judge of Car wash Sergio Moro revealed that he received a salary of 45 thousand dollars, about R$ 240 thousand, during the period he worked for the Alvarez & Marsal, an American consultancy that provides services to contractors investigated by the task force. The revelation also occurs after the Federal Audit Court (TCU) formalize a request for the former Minister of Justice and Public Security to make public the income obtained between December 2020 and November 2021, when he was in the company – Moro left for the private sector after resigning from the president’s government Jair Bolsonaro.

“I’m not doing this for CPI. They backed off because they know there’s nothing wrong, and I’m also not doing it for the TCU, which is abusing its power. I think that as a person who is posing as a pre-candidate for the Presidency, we have a duty of transparency. I never worked for Odebrecht. In fact, I dismantled Odebrecht’s corruption scheme,” he said at the beginning of the live broadcast. Alvarez & Marsal will present the compiled data to the TCU this Friday. The controversy surrounding Moro’s earnings was raised because of the consultancy’s clients, such as Odebrecht. As a magistrate, he was responsible for authorizing leniency agreements and plea bargains that benefited executives and partners of the contractor. The idea of ​​collecting signatures to investigate the conduct of the now presidential candidate of Podemos has the support of parliamentarians from the PT and Centrão, but has lost strength in recent days.

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