In “warming up for the premiere”, devs release update for Lost Ark and promise new features ⋆

Anyone who is a fan of MMORPG games knows very well that, on February 11th, the infamous lost ark will be released by amazon games, giving the genre yet another noteworthy adventure. Yes, the title is surrounded by many expectations and it seems that it will really be one of the great releases of 2022. In fact, it was precisely to increase expectations that the devs decided to release the details of a new update that brought new features to the experience… let’s go take a look at the information?

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Through a post that was released on game’s official website, the folks at Amazon Games presented the details of the so-called “January update”. In general, the publication was released to give everyone a summary of what was done by the devs throughout the month and the additions that can be checked out once the game makes its official debut. In this sense, compared to the content that was available in the Closed Beta, players will have access to new areas, dungeons, a new level cap, Steam achievements, new voice options for characters and much more.

Also, at one point in the post, the devs presented the changes that were made based on player feedback. In this case, the highlights are the option to keep the voices of the original game (in Korean), the function to “skip” some scenes and the general adjustments to the experience. In short, it seems that the “terrain” is already prepared for the arrival of Lost Ark and players can already start counting the days. Obviously, the only fear regarding the debut is related to the risk that Amazon Games will end up screwing things up, as they have done with new world. Anyway, we have to follow the release carefully.

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