Jandira Detonates Bomb About Tina’s Real Father TV News

In How Much More Life, Better!, the secret that Jandira (Micheli Machado) hides so much will finally be revealed. The hairdresser will tell you that Tina (Agnes Brichta) is her daughter with Roni (Felipe Abib), and not with Neném (Vladimir Brichta). Upon hearing the truth, Nedda (Elizabeth Savala), the young woman’s grandmother, will almost have a thing in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

The bomb will explode in chapter scheduled to air on February 9. As Roni and Tina approach, Neném and Jandira despair and explain to Nedda that the trickster is the student’s real father – something the football player already knew.

The owner of the salon will be shocked by the news and will decide to reveal everything to her bandit son. However, the footballer will beg his mother not to say anything, since the crook is dangerous and the affair between him and Jandira was very traumatic for her. The hairdresser will make the same appeal to the “mother-in-law”.

Despite feeling sorry for the ex-con, Nedda will give in and give up talking to him about Tina. However, along the way, the villain will also be committed to bringing the girl to the side of evil, even without knowing that he is her father.

The More Life, the Better! replaced the rerun of Pega Pega (2017). The plot marks the debut of Mauro Wilson as the titular author of soap operas and has already been recorded because of the security protocols adopted by Globo as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The telenovela is scheduled to be on the air until May, after which the station will premiere Cara e Coragem. Claudia Souto’s telenovela will address the universe of stunt doubles and will be starring Paolla Oliveira and Marcelo Serrado.

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