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Animals died after fleeing the adaptation areaReproduction/Animal Forum

Published 01/28/2022 16:15

Rio – The Court of Justice of Rio (TJRJ) determined, this Friday (26), that an adequate space be built for the permanence of the 15 giraffes imported from South Africa by the BioParque. Before heading to the zoo at Quinta da Boa Vista, in São Cristóvão, in the North Zone of Rio, the animals are at the Portobello Resort and Safari, in Mangaratiba, on the Costa Verde. In all, 18 of them landed at Galeão Airport on November 11, but three died after fleeing the adaptation area where they were.

Those involved in the care of the giraffes will have to start the works within 48 hours and have a period of 30 days for them to be ready. If the decision is not complied with, there will be a daily fine of R$ 5 thousand. The request was made following a public civil action filed last Tuesday (25) by the National Forum for Animal Protection and Defense, the Animal Rights News Agency and the NGO Ampara Animal, which alleges that the giraffes are “in miserable conditions, confined for three months in closed stalls, surrounded by metal tiles, a situation of extreme suffering.”

According to Judge Neusa Regina Larsen de Alvarenga Leite, from the 7th Court of the Public Treasury, the decision took into account the opinion of a qualified technical professional who attested that the environment in which the animals are is not adequate or in compliance with the legislation. in force. The magistrate also highlighted that the 15 giraffes are in the same conditions as the other three that died.

“In fact, the giraffes do not have a suitable place for them to stay, imposing the carrying out of the necessary works, starting in 48 hours from the notification of this decision and ending in up to 30 days. It is about life, whose being did not ask to be taken out of its habitat to be placed in inappropriate and degrading conditions”, said the judge.

In the protocol action, the organizations also ask that those responsible for the deaths be prevented from selling the giraffes and from importing more animals of the exotic fauna, but the request was not accepted, because, according to the determination, “the emergency protection is limited to issues emergencies”.

This Wednesday (26), the Federal Police arrested two men responsible for the maintenance of the 15 giraffes for ill-treatment. An action was carried out at the hotel where they are to verify information about the deaths of the three giraffes. The operation involved analysts from the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama).

During the action, agents and analysts found a situation of mistreatment of animals. Those responsible for their maintenance were arrested and taken to the Federal Police Superintendence in Rio. According to Ibama, in addition to the mistreatment, it was found that the 15 were being kept in a reduced environment and without access to the sun. The pair were interrogated and released.

The Institute applied a daily fine to the BioParque and gave a maximum period of 10 days for adjustments to be made in the enclosures. At the time, BioParque reported that the giraffes were not mistreated and that there was a mistake in disclosing what was called the arrest of the company’s representatives at the hotel during the investigation by the PF and Ibama. According to the zoo, after the action, BioParque employees were taken to the Federal Police and provided the necessary clarifications.

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