Justice servers of Rondônia issue a note and regret the loss of a colleague who worked in two counties and died today, in Cacoal

01/28/2022 16:56:00

Marilene Maria Batista Silva was 46 years old and battling cancer

“Today, civil servants from two districts of Rondônia mourn the loss of a special person. Marilene Maria Batista Silva was, for years, a servant in Cerejeiras, but was removed to Cacoal in order to attend law school.

Crowded by the Forum Administration, with the departure of the then Assistant Director, she masterfully assumed the role. Always a perfectionist and active, she was always attentive to everything that was happening around her. He was a fundamental character for the smooth progress of the installation of the new Forum in Cacoal, accompanying and inspecting all stages of the work, the change of the building and everything else that was requested.

In 2020, he had to step away from his role for cancer treatment. And who said that this warrior woman would be able to keep quiet It didn’t take long for her to be mobilizing co-workers with raffles in favor of people who were also undergoing cancer treatment but depended on support houses.

Marile, or simply Mari, as she was called, will forever leave a void in the corridors of the Forum of Cacoal. At the age of 46, Mari leaves her husband and daughter, to whom we, from SINJUR, through its President Gislaine, the Trade Union Delegate of Cacoal Solange and, in particular, the Directors Wilson and Jerdson, in addition to all the affiliates of the District, who for a long time they lived daily with their colleague, we raise our most sincere feelings.

May God in his infinite goodness bring the comfort that everyone needs.”

Source: Photo: Disclosure
Author: Advice

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