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The second unit of the store was opened in BH (photo: Marcos Vieira/EM/DA Press)

A varied menu of crepes, with the right to spicy formats and a name that is more than humorous. Belo Horizonte is the first city in the world to have a ‘La Putaria’ bakery, of Portuguese origin, whose specialties are crepes in the shape of sexual organs.

The opening of the Brazilian store took place this Friday (January 28), in Savassi, a neighborhood in the south-central region of the capital of Minas Gerais, with the right to present a DJ from the “Festa Absurda”, linked to the LGBT movement.

And those who were present on the first day of opening of the new venture certainly had those shy looks, with an air of certain shame. After all, the products found mostly resemble vaginas and penises.

The first bakery unit opened six months ago in Bairro Alto, Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. BH was chosen to house the second store because it is the birthplace of the founder and entrepreneur, Juliana Lopes, 26 years old. She and her Austrian boyfriend Robert Kramer, 34, live in Europe.

“I’ve been living abroad for four years, but I miss things from Brazil. I’ve always wanted to do something in my country. I work and have my life abroad, but I had this interest in Brazil. be an Austrian. He always talked about Brazil and wanted to get to know it here. When we saw the interaction of Brazilians with the brand abroad, we realized that it was really worth investing in here”, says Juliana.

She argues that the initiative was very well received in Brazil: “A few days ago, we put the products on our facade and people were already passing by and had a very keen curiosity, asking what it was. But the movement surprised us. the store, there were already people waiting outside. We didn’t stop, because the space was full all the time. The atmosphere was very pleasant and the staff interacted a lot”.

According to the businesswoman, the discussion of topics in a good-natured way fit perfectly with the Brazilian style. She understands that the business can connect seamlessly with the way of thinking of the younger band.

“Brazilians are very open-minded and the country is very diverse and large. We have a very nice sense of humor. That helped a lot. One thing joined another,” he said.

“We have a lot of young people who want to discuss the issues and talk. We have to motivate this freedom of expression to play. The brand’s main objective is to be light and fun. It’s a big joke. We really like the joke, without taking it too seriously”, he adds. .

Success on the Old Continent

In Portugal, the small shop measuring 50 square meters is open from Sunday to Sunday, and sells an average of 300 crepes every day. They are filled and covered in chocolate and/or dulce de leche and prices vary between 4, 5 and 6.5 euros, depending on the amount of fillings and toppings.

Even in a short time, the profile on Instagram is already successful, with almost 30 thousand followers. On TikTok, the hashtag #Laputaria has over 10.9 million views.

The idea for the store came from friends who went to Bangkok, Thailand, and capital cities in Europe and sent information about similar businesses.

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