Maíra Cardi is disputed by brands and launches its own bread

First class marketer, Maíra Cardi, businesswoman and wife of Arthur Aguiar, who is at BBB22, decided to make lemonade out of lemons once again. Sources heard by the LeoDias column guarantee that the influencer decided to create a fitness line of breads after her name went viral on the web for having criticized the fact that her daughter’s father was eating a lot of carbohydrates inside the most watched house in Brazil.

Our report also found that the memes and comments about the reactions to her husband’s participation in the TV Globo reality aroused the interest of several companies. In recent days, Maíra started negotiating with a large bank and was contacted by the Ifood app and While rooting for Arthur Aguiar’s advancement in the game, she also talks about closing campaigns with the supermarket chain Pão de Açúcar and Doriana. In other words: the influencer and businesswoman is managing to make her husband’s presence at the BBB an excellent opportunity to close deals.


The sources heard by the column had access to the initial proposal for the launch of the bread brand. The line should be baptized with the name Esse Pode and is scheduled to be launched in the coming months.

Apparently, Arthur Aguiar will be able to eat bread at will when he leaves the most guarded house in Brazil…

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