‘Marília got pregnant at Luan Santana’s show’, reveals Murilo Huff

Credit: Playback/Instagram

Marília Mendonça and Murilo Huff with the couple’s son (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

When interviewed on the podcast “PodPah”, Murilo Huff revealed that Marília MendoçThewho died in November 2021 after suffering a plane crash, became pregnant with him at a Luan Santana concert.

“Her music with Bruno and Marrone was already a hit and she was going to play a show in Anápolis, on the side of Goiânia, which is where I live. She was already following me on Instagram and I sent her a message saying that I wanted to go to the show”, Murilo began. “And at the time, she treated me really well. I didn’t know her yet,” the singer began.

“I arrived at her dressing room and she welcomed me and a friend of mine very well. We arrived and stayed drinking until about 7 am, really reviewing, we had breakfast and continued talking afterwards, because the subject mattered a lot. Do you know when you find a person that the subject yields? You keep talking and when you blink your eye, it’s been five, six hours? That was it, and two days later, we stayed. She invited me to go to her farm to have some, I went and we stayed together”, she explained.

About the pregnancy of Leo, the only child of the ex-couple, Huff said: “It was a Luan Santana concert and the owner of the venue gave her two bottles of wine, one of three liters and the other of six. We opened the three-liter one on the same day and that’s when we made Léo. She had had her lipo surgeries and everything and she got pregnant right on the premiere.”

This week, the sertanejo gave up the guardianship of Marília Medonça’s assets to leave with the singer’s mother, Ruth Dias.

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