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At BBB 22 (Globo), Jade Picon was lost during a conversation between the brothers about betting on the Mega-Sena. This Monday (28), the millionaire influencer showed she was unaware of one of the “traditions” of Brazilians at the end of the year and asked: “What is making a pool?”.

While waiting for instructions on tonight’s party, those confined began to recall cases of people who became millionaires with collective bets, known as pools, at Mega-Sena. Pedro Scooby echoed the theme, and Laís Caldas recalled the case of a group of anesthesiologists who had already won the millionaire prize.

Not understanding the dialogue, Jade asked: “What is pooling?”. The questioning was initially ignored, and the Camarote member repeated the question in a higher tone of voice.

The doctor noticed the curiosity of the confinement colleague and explained the dynamics: “Everyone pays and plays a card, each one gives a number”.

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