Millionaire, Jade Picon bought a furnished apartment at 19

Almost a year before joining “Big Brother Brasil 22”, Jade Picon took an important step towards independence and bought an apartment at the age of 19. Located in São Paulo, the influencer sought a property in a building that had a good structure, both in terms of services, as well as a leisure area, gym, among other features. As for the house itself, the paulistana revealed that she made a point of choosing something more compact.

“At the beginning of the search, I wanted a gigantic apartment, with three bedrooms, with everything. Then I started to think and it started to make no sense to me. First, I’m going to live alone, I’m small, I want a cozy place for my first apartment. And I can’t sit still, you know. I don’t need to have a huge space if I’m not going to use it. Besides, I’m very messy “, Jade delivered, in Instagram stories, shortly before moving, in March 2021.

The dream of owning a home was old. As a teenager, when she was still in high school, Jade moved from Granja Vianna (metropolitan region of São Paulo) to the capital of São Paulo to be closer to the school. But her mother moved along. When she started researching real estate, the pandemic began.

“Then it was time to hand over the apartment in São Paulo, which was rented and I still hadn’t decided where to move. I usually leave the problems for the Jade of the future to solve, but I forget that this Jade one hour turns into the present one. . I was traveling, I looked at an apartment from time to time… That’s when I chose a temporary place until I moved”.

As soon as he entered the reality show on TV Globo, it was up to Leo Picon, the young woman’s brother, to show some of the spaces. The two live in the same condo. The influencer also showed the room, the sneaker collection, numerous makeup brushes and a view of the room.

Through the apartment, it was possible to see collections of shells made by Jade and her interest in the mystical, such as crystals. In addition, Leo revealed his younger sister’s talent for fine arts. In the apartment, there are works made by her.

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