Mistborn author criticizes George Martin for roleplaying

Elden Ring relies on Game of Thrones author George RR Martin to create the Midlands mythos, but not everyone liked that choice. According to Brandon Sanderson, writer of Mistborn, he should be in the screenwriter’s shoes because he likes FromSoftware’s works and plays a lot of video games.

The audience of Intentionally Blank, Sanderson’s own podcast, asked about any of his characters appearing in more video game franchises, like with Kelsier (Mistborn) in Fortnite. He took advantage of the gap and vented about Martin’s participation in the RPG.

FromSoftware decides to make a fantasy game and partners with a fantasy novelist, right? And they pick someone who spends their day talking about the NFL over the person who’s played their games since King’s Field and always lists them in their Top 10? What are you guys thinking? If you don’t know, he approached George to make a game and he doesn’t even play video games. He doesn’t know anything.

Martin has already made it clear that he doesn’t have that much affinity with the world of games, but he always praises the work done on Elden Ring when he can. Now, we have to wait for February 25th to understand why he is “delighted” with the final result.

Elden Ring is less stressful, but no less difficult

Yasuhiro Kitao, producer of Elden Ring, has already made it clear how the RPG adventure was designed. According to him, the game will be less stressful, but will maintain the difficulty of the other FromSoftware titles. Look!

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