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Former Minister of Justice and former judge of Operation Lava Jato Sergio Moro revealed this Friday (28), during a broadcast on a social network, that he received US$ 45,000 monthly in a one-year contract with the American consulting firm. Alvarez & Marsal — the firm is responsible for the judicial administration of contractors investigated by Lava Jato.

In addition to the monthly income, Moro said he received from the consultancy a “hiring bonus” of US$ 150,000, of which he says he returned R$ 67,000 for having terminated the contract early. In total, considering the amounts reported by the former judge, Moro’s earnings at the consultancy amounted to R$ 3.65 million, according to the dollar exchange rate this Friday.

In the broadcast, the former judge said he paid all taxes related to the relationship with Alvarez & Marsal.

A pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by Podemos, Moro released the figures after questioning the Federal Audit Court (TCU), which opened a procedure to investigate a possible conflict of interest in the relationship between the former judge and the office.

Former judge Sergio Moro on November 10, during the Podemos affiliation ceremony — Photo: Agência de Fotografia/Estadão Conteúdo

In the broadcast, Moro said that he was not revealing the details of the contract with the firm Alvarez & Marsal due to the lawsuit in the TCU, which he classified as an act of “abuse of power”.

He also denied that rumors of the creation of a CPI to investigate his conduct had motivated the disclosure, since opponents “know that nothing is wrong”.

“The CPI was buried, I didn’t need to reveal [os valores]. This process by the TCU, the minister there, the prosecutor, is an abuse, because the TCU serves to investigate government, public administration and not to investigate a contract between a private person, which is my case after I left the Ministry of Justice, and a private company. And even more a contract made abroad,” he said.

According to the former judge, the decision to reveal the values ​​stems from the condition of pre-candidate for president.

After he left the Ministry of Justice, the former Lava Jato judge was announced in November 2020 as director of the American business management consultancy Alvarez & Marsal.

The firm acted as judicial administrator of Odebrecht, OAS and Galvão Engenharia, contractors that were investigated by Lava Jato and whose leaders were convicted by Moro.

In the broadcast, Moro said he had never received “a penny” from Odebrecht and companies investigated by Lava Jato.

“When I joined Alavarez & Marsal, I asked: let’s put a clause in the contract saying that I would not provide an investigation and compliance service for the company involved in Lava Jato”, said the former judge.

At another point in the broadcast, Moro said that he did not enrich himself with the services provided to the American office.

“They say I got rich. I didn’t get rich. I had a good salary. It’s normal. With all qualifications, you have a good salary by US standards and the position I held. “, he said.

The pre-candidate took advantage of the broadcast to provoke two rivals: former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, from the PT, and the current Chief Executive, Jair Bolsonaro, from the PL.

Moro said that Lula should clarify the resources he received with lectures and the renovations in the Atibaia (SP) farm and in the Guarujá (SP) triplex.

Regarding Bolsonaro, the former minister said that the president could “open the accounts” of his cabinet, when he was a federal deputy, and clarify his relationship with Fabrício Queiroz, a former advisor to Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ). “Open the BolsoLula accounts, this is the campaign we are opening today,” he said.

Ana Flor: Moro reveals salary he received for consulting 'because he is a candidate and was being pressured'

Ana Flor: Moro reveals salary he received for consulting ‘because he is a candidate and was being pressured’

For the deputy attorney general of the Public Ministry at the TCU, Lucas Furtado, Moro may have committed illegitimate practices of revolving door – whereby a public agent migrates to the private sector in the same area of ​​activity and passes on privileged information that can benefit clients – and of lawfarewhich would be the strategic use of the legal system to benefit.

In view of the MP’s position with the TCU, the minister of the court of accounts Bruno Dantas ordered the consultancy Alvarez & Marsal to reveal services provided and amounts paid to the former federal judge.

This Friday, Dantas ordered the TCU’s External Control Secretariat to investigate, in the databases available for the agency’s access, “all information that may be related to the link established between former judge Sergio Moro and Alvarez & Marsal, or even with other companies involved in Operation Car Wash, with the secretariat being authorized to use all intelligence tools at its disposal”.

Moro left Alvarez & Marsal in October last year. In November 2021, he joined the Podemos party and was launched as the party’s pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in this year’s elections.

The former Minister of Justice of the Jair Bolsonaro government says that, while he was at the Alvarez & Marsal office, he did not act in cases of conflict of interest. He also denies having worked on conflict of interest cases.

Moro also says that he did not advocate for companies in corruption cases and that his job was to advise on anti-bribery policies, compliance and internal corporate investigations.

The firm Alvarez & Marsal has said that the contract signed with Sergio Moro “obeyed all legal transparency procedures” and compliance rules.

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