Moro says he received R$ 3.7 million for work at Alvarez & Marsal

Former minister Sergio Moro (Podemos) said that he received the amount of US$ 45 thousand (or R$ 243 thousand, at the current price), monthly, for the work provided to the American consultancy Alvarez & Marsal, specialized in financial recovery of companies, where he worked for a year. His contract ran from November 23, 2020 to November 26, 2021, when he left the company to join Podemos and run for office. In addition, he claimed to have received a bonus of US$ 150 thousand (or R$ 812 thousand). In all, Moro would have received R$ 3.728 million (at the current price) in work performed for the company in twelve months.

The amounts —gross, that is, without payment of taxes— were disclosed by the ex-judge and ex-minister during the transmission of a live on the social networks. In addition to Moro, federal deputy Kim Kataguiri (Podemos-SP), his political ally, participated in the broadcast.

The salary, says Moro, was paid by the company fortnightly and part of this amount was received in reais (while he was in Brazil). Although he admitted the salary was good by US standards, Moro rejected the idea of ​​enrichment.

They keep saying that I got rich. I didn’t get rich. I went to work there. I got a good salary, okay? In addition to all the history, all the international recognition for my work at Lava Jato… so it’s normal, given all these qualifications, that you have a good salary by US standards, for the role I held. But far from having enriched. Sergio Moro, during the live

Moro is under pressure from the TCU (Union Court of Auditors) to reveal how much he earned at Alvarez & Marsal. There is a suspicion of a conflict of interest, since the consultancy has as clients companies that were the target of Lava Jato, such as Odebrecht.

I never worked for Odebrecht. In fact, I dismantled Odebrecht’s empire of corruption. I decreed the arrest of directors, the owner of Odebrecht. After I left the Ministry of Justice, I need to earn my living, I didn’t get rich, I was hired by Alvarez & Marsal. I never received a penny [da Odebrecht]. Let’s make it clear. Moro rebuts accusation

The Public Ministry with the TCU sent on Tuesday (25) a request for the Minister of the Court, Bruno Dantas, to remove the secrecy that prevents the disclosure of the ex-judge’s salary at Alvares & Marsal. The company hired Moro after his departure from the Ministry of Justice of the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

Alvarez & Marsal received at least R$65.1 million from companies involved in the Lava Jato operation. This amount is 78% of all revenue from judicial administration that the company claims to have had from 2013 to last year.

In the view of prosecutor Lucas Furtado, breaking the confidentiality of the ex-judge’s salary is important to identify whether or not there was a conflict of interest.

There is a need to know all the documentation related to the rupture of the service provision link between the former judge Sergio Moro and the company Alvares & Marsal, given the possible conflict of interests of the former magistrate’s performance as a consultant in the judicial recovery administrator of the group of companies condemned by Lava Jato. Prosecutor Lucas Furtado on request to TCU Minister Bruno Dantas.

Moro denies conflict of interest

In an interview with “Flow Podcast”, on Monday (24), Moro countered the accusations saying he is not afraid of “an ugly face” and that he is calm about any investigation they do about him. Regarding his contract with Alvarez & Marsal, the former federal judge and former minister of the Bolsonaro government assured that he never acted on behalf of companies involved in Operation Lava Jato.

“I went to work honestly because I didn’t get rich in public service, I needed to earn money. And then I received payment for a service I provided. I never provided service to a company involved in Lava Jato. Flow Podcast”.

Moro assured that, even if the confidentiality of his contract with the foreign company was broken, they would not prove anything, “because I didn’t do anything wrong”.

presidential candidacy

In November, the former judge decided to join Podemos and officially enter politics during an event held in Brasília. With cries of “Brazil forward, Moro president”, Moro promoted a speech as a possible candidate for president.

Electoral research by Instituto Ipespe, contracted by XP Investimentos, showed yesterday that Moro has 8% of the electorate’s preference, tied with former minister Ciro Gomes. They are behind former President Lula, who has 44% of voting intentions, and President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who has 24%.

Moro left the post of Minister of Justice in 2020 after President Bolsonaro decided to dismiss the then director-general of the PF (Federal Police) Maurício Valeixo, a trusted professional of the former judge. At the time, Moro said that Bolsonaro wanted to interfere with the Federal Police. The president testified in early November and denied any interference with the agency.

Since then, the former judge and former minister has become a frequent target of attacks by Bolsonaristas – among them, the sons of President Bolsonaro.

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