Murilo Huff detonates celebrities who try to profit from the fame of Marília Mendonça

Murilo Huff detonated the famous who try to appear with the death of Marília Mendonça (1995-2021). Without mentioning the name of Naiara Azevedo, the sertanejo said that he is revolted when he sees cases of people who use the fame of the queen of suffering to gain visibility. “I don’t accept that anyone does it!”, he warned.

“I get very angry when I see someone who has nothing to do with the story, who didn’t know her and wants to talk to the media, giving an interview. Marília had few friends, she was closed in that sense, she had a blockade for friendship. Think, she was successful at a very young age, a lot of people approach you out of interest “, pointed out Huff.

On Thursday (27), during a participation in Podpah, the singer recalled the interview given to Fantástico (Globo) after Marília’s death: “At first, I said: ‘No, impossible!’ if you don’t talk, any zé alley will come here to talk. If the people who are close to her don’t talk now, they will look for someone who had nothing to do with it, who will talk and will want to show up. As I didn’t do that with her, no I accept that no one does!”.

“It’s natural for you to create a shell, a shield, she was like that. It wasn’t just anyone who won her friendship, no! I see everything! It’s just that I don’t like to comment, it’s not up to me to keep talking. give that interview! Believe me, there is this type of person, who even after someone’s death wants to appear”, pinned.

The countryman took the opportunity to reinforce that he did not use the artist’s money in his career. “When I posted my photo with my first bus, every singer dreams of having a bus with their face, there was a comment, I never forget it, it was the first time I cried because of it”, he recalled.

“How much I struggled to conquer, and the person commented like this: ‘With Marília playing it’s easy’. Marília never spent a penny on my career! The only support she gave me was encouraging me and recording with me, strange would be if she didn’t,” he added.

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