Nubank app trick reveals total amount spent on the card

who uses credit card certainly carefully monitor the monthly expenses of the bill to avoid surprises at the end of the month. However, a trick in the Nubank app allows the customer to discover the total amount already spent with the digital bank’s credit card.

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To do this, just open the Nubank app, click on the monthly invoice and then on the search icon (magnifying glass located in the upper right corner), the user must type a period. From there, the application will inform the total number of purchases made with the card and the amount spent so far with the tool since the first day of use.

One user reported the experience on his Twitter profile and invited other consumers to do the same. Look:

The novelty is a good option for those who want to find out how much they have spent on purchases using the Nubank card. Recently, the company has constantly invested in novelties for its customers, such as checkbooks, partnerships with discount stores and cell phone insurance.

With the hidden function of consulting the number of purchases already made, many people will be able to rethink their expenses or simply be scared once and for all with how much they have already spent with the tool.

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