Pernambuco has the highest moving average of confirmed cases of the entire pandemic, with 3,522 daily infections | Pernambuco

Pernambuco recorded this Friday (28) another 5,708 cases of Covid-19. With the new records, the moving average of daily case confirmations reached 3,522, the highest rate recorded in the entire pandemic.

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The moving average is a methodology used by the media consortium to calculate the average of confirmed cases over the last 7 days. In the past 7 days, the state has confirmed 24,659 new known cases of Covid-19. That number was then divided by seven.

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The other two highest moving averages of case confirmations were recorded on June 11, 2021, when there were 3,158 daily cases on average, and on June 15, with 3,088. On Thursday (27) there was the fourth worst average: 3,031.

According to experts, when you follow the variation of the moving average, it is as if, instead of a snapshot, a video was made of the evolution of the pandemic, which helps to better understand the behavior of the disease.

The 5,708 confirmed cases of Covid this Friday represent the second worst number of confirmed cases in 24 hours of the entire pandemic. The index is only behind June 9, 2021, when there were 6,487 infections.

This is the third day in a row that the state has recorded record cases. On Wednesday (26), there were 4,722 cases, the third highest number of confirmations so far. On Thursday (27), 5,498 infections were registered, a number that again occupied the third highest daily record.

Before the three days in which the state broke new records for daily cases, the highest numbers recorded in Pernambuco had occurred due to “problems in extracting data in the Ministry of Health system”, according to the State Health Department (SES).

This time, however, there were no systems issues. The number, according to the state, is due to the acceleration of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, which, according to experts, is much more contagious than previous strains.

In addition to the 5,708 new cases, the state also recorded six more deaths of people with Covid-19. Of the total number of new infections, 38 (0.7%) are from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Srag) and 5,670 (99.3%) are mild.

Now, Pernambuco totals 688,513 confirmed cases of the disease, of which 55,886 are severe and 632,627 are mild.

Regarding the six deaths, SES reported that the deaths occurred between March 7, 2021 and Wednesday (26). There were four women and two men, residents of Gravatá (2), Quipapá (1), Recife (1), Salgueiro (1) and São Lourenço da Mata (1).

The patients were between 30 and 79 years old. The age groups are: 30 to 39 (1), 40 to 49 (1), 50 to 59 (2), 60 to 69 (1) and 70 to 79 (1).

Two had preexisting conditions: cardiovascular disease (1), kidney disease (1), hypertension (1) – a patient may have more than one comorbidity. One patient had no comorbidities and the others are still under investigation.

Since January 2021, Pernambuco has applied 15,816,912 doses of vaccines, of which 7,422,840 are the first doses. In all, 6,536,532 people completed the vaccination schedules, 6,363,431 with two doses and 173,101 with a single dose vaccine. There were also 1,857,540 booster shots.

The occupancy of ICU beds in the public network is 82% and in the private network, 71%. Infirmary beds are occupied by 79% in the SUS and 33% in private hospitals.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,108,392 tests have been carried out to detect the new coronavirus.

This Friday, SES reported that the omicron variant of the coronavirus represents 98% of the cases analyzed in the most recent round of genetic sequencing of biological samples from patients with Covid. Of the 96 samples studied, 94 were of the new strain. Two samples were identified as being from the delta lineage.

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