Prime Gaming: check out the titles that will be released in February

Yesterday, January 27, Prime Gaming revealed the list of games that will be offered to subscribers in the month of February. And no, this time we didn’t have any big-name titles.

However, the five games that were revealed promise to guarantee the fun of players of the most diverse styles, especially the great Stellaris… shall we take a look at the list?

Prime Gaming’s February Games

Supported by a special trailer, which you can check out below, Amazon Prime has revealed the games that will be available in February for subscribers. The list had five titles and ended the sequence of great games from EA. Here’s the video…

As you can see, Stellaris, the acclaimed strategy game, ended up being the biggest highlight, but the other titles also have the potential to guarantee good hours of fun. Ashwalkers, for example, is a survival game that promotes a very immersive experience, while Golazo! Soccer League is a good choice for football game fans.

Anyway, although the list of games that will be released to Prime Gaming subscribers in February has not revealed any large game, subscribers will be able to enjoy some good hours of gameplay with very different adventures. So if you have an Amazon Prime membership, be sure to check it out. To the next…

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