Procon-SP notifies Amazon after canceling purchases with cumulative coupons – 01/28/2022 – Mercado

Procon-SP notified this Thursday (27) Amazon after a failure on the site to allow generous discounts — there were even those who managed to purchase products for free.

The bug on the site occurred in the early hours of last Wednesday (26). Common in the ecommerce marketing strategy, coupons —offered on festive days or by celebrities who have a partnership with the brand, for example—were cumulative, that is, several of them could be added in the same purchase.

When questioned, the company did not say how long the failure lasted.

Cancellations of purchases made in the period generated a flurry of criticism of the company on social networks this Friday (28), after Procon notifies the brand.

The agency asks for explanations as to the number of orders placed with the coupons, the reason for the cancellation and an action plan for customer complaints. The response deadline is Monday (31).

International Relations student Sara Nunes, 20, is one of the customers who used the discounts. On Wednesday, she woke up at 5am, as usual, to texts from a friend talking about the coupons. At that moment, she says she didn’t know it was a glitch on the site.

She claims that, together with her family, she purchased 49 books for free. The purchase would have added up to R$ 1,443.37, but using the codes the items would have been free. She has already received most of the products and only four of them had been canceled until early this Friday afternoon, she says.

“It was a mistake by the company”, says Nunes. “I believed it was a lightning promotion, Amazon already had actions to donate books. As I love to read, I was very excited.” In the delivery, says the student, it says “remittance as a bonus, donation or gift”.

Others were not as lucky as Nunes: the report received several reports from people who had canceled orders. One of them, psychology student Nicole Trevisan, 21, acquired free books, a brush and a shelf, which would cost more than R$900. She has already received some of the items and others have been cancelled.

“Some attendants said they could not cancel, others say they are analyzing case by case”, says Trecisan, who has already filed a complaint with Procon. “I’ve been up all night trying to figure it out and talk to someone.”

Amazon said in a statement that there was a problem with the platform and that “according to the terms and conditions of the offer, the promotion granted a non-cumulative discount of R$ 15 on the first purchase made on the website”.

“After identifying the problem, orders that had not been shipped and that were in disagreement with the Terms and Conditions were canceled. The R$ 15 discount offer was maintained to customers who had their orders canceled by granting a voucher – purchases at the same value”, he added, in a note.

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