Santiago catches up with devastating and is stunned by Christian

In a place in the sun, Santiago (José de Abreu) ​​will discover that Christian / Renato (Cauã Reymond) is a traitor. The businessman will catch a conversation between the boy and Elenice (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) and will learn that he put a pair of horns on Bárbara (Alinne Moraes).

Increasingly swayed by Lara (Andréia Horta), the fake will not resist in the next chapters. However, it will go wrong. He will kiss the girl at the door of the Redeemer and will end up being caught by Elenice, who will see the whole scene.

fight after busted

Greatly interested in keeping her son’s marriage to Bárbara keeping an eye on Santiago’s fortune, the crook will keep what she saw a secret. However, she will not forget the scene and will put the boy against the wall in fear that he will lose everything.

One day, Elenice will show up at a party at Santiago’s house without even being invited. The situation will make Christian very angry. At one point in the event, the two will meet in the rich man’s office to discuss.

Elenice and Renato’s twin will believe they are alone in the place, without realizing Santiago’s presence. At one point in the fight, the scammer will reveal that she caught the young man kissing Lara at the door of Redeemer.

betrayal discovered

It will be at this moment that Santiago will reveal himself. He will get up from a sofa and claim that he heard everything Elenice just said. The businessman will put the crook out and demand explanations from the son-in-law, who will be pressured.

“And then? What do you have to say to me?”will question Barbara’s father. “Sorry, Mr. Santiago, my mother is a completely insane person, unbalanced”will talk Christian out.

“Even if she is, respect at least my sanity and my lucidity. I heard what your mother said just now and I want to say I’m disappointedsays Santiago.

Faced with the situation, Christian will try to explain himself. “Sir Santiago, please, I ask you to listen to me”, will ask the usurper. However, his request will be in vain and the rich man will make it clear that the trust he had in him was shaken after the discovery of the betrayal.

Please say me. Spare me the details. Kissing a girl at the door of Redeemer, at the door of your wife’s work… For me, this is more than enough to shake my confidence”will finish Santiago.

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