The story behind the Florida shipwreck survivor photo

Juan Esteban Montoya sitting on top of the boat's hull overturned in the middle of the sea

Credit, US Coast Guard/REUTERS

photo caption,

Juan Esteban Montoya, sole survivor of shipwreck, was found after spending hours adrift

The photograph of a young man sitting on the hull of an overturned boat in the middle of the sea off the coast of Florida went around the world.

This is Juan Esteban Montoya, 22, from Colombia, according to BBC News Mundo, the BBC’s Spanish-language news service.

The young man, who was rescued on Tuesday (25/1) after spending hours adrift, said he left the Bahamas at dawn on Sunday with 39 other people.

He was traveling with his younger sister, María Camila, who disappeared in the wreck.

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