Today’s Mega-Sena Prize 2449 can pay BRL 36 million on Saturday

The third and final draw of the Summer Mega-Week will take place this Saturday, January 29, starting at 8 pm (Brasilia time). Today’s Mega-Sena prize is still accumulated and this time the player who hits the dozens of the Mega-Sena contest 2449 can win BRL 36 million.

The event takes place at Espaço da Sorte, located in Bela Vista, in São Paulo, and will be broadcast live on the Caixa do Youtube channel.

Today’s Mega-Sena Prize yields how much in savings?

The prize of Mega-Sena contest 2449 can yield R$ 180 thousand in the first month of application in Savings. According to information from Rodrigo Beresca, financial solutions analyst at Ativa Investimentos, profitability is currently 0.50% per month.

For those who want another type of investment that is as safe as Savings but with a higher return, an option is the Selic Treasury. The specialist informs that the rate of return is 0.74% per month and the return would reach R$ 266,300.

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How to bet on the Mega-Sena contest 2449?

In lottery, application or website of Loterias Caixa (, it is possible to register bets at 19:00 and guarantee at least one chance to win the jackpot. Games start at R$4.50 and there is no card limit per player, who can choose between 6 and 15 numbers.

The probability of a person winning the Mega-Sena 2449 jackpot by hitting the six tens with the single game is one in more than 50 million. But the modality also rewards bets that match five and four numbers and, in these ranges, the chance increases to, respectively, 154,500 and 2,300.

How does the bubble work?

To have more chances of getting the maximum prize, it is possible to participate in the Mega-Sena pool contest 2449. To compete, the minimum value is R$ 10.00 and each quota cannot cost less than R$ 5.00.

The minimum is two odds and the maximum is 100 – depending on the number of numbers selected on the wheel. The player can select the dozens of the Mega-Sena contest 2449 or ask the lottery attendant to choose the system.

  • 6 numbers, minimum is two and maximum is nine quotas
  • 7 numbers, minimum of is two and maximum of 63 shares
  • 8 to 15 numbers, minimum of two and maximum of 100 shares

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