What is a pool at Mega-Sena and how to do it

A participant in Big Brother Brasil 22, millionaire Jade Picon, 20, became a topic today when she asked what a Mega-Sena pool is. The brothers and sisters continued the conversation about lottery prizes and Jade’s question went unanswered initially.

The objective of the Mega-Sena is to match the six tens drawn from among the 60 possibilities on the ticket. The probability of success, however, is very small.

Caixa Econômica allows each customer to bet on up to 15 tens, which increases the chances of success, but is expensive. Thus, players organize themselves into groups to bet on more numbers at once, while dividing the cost and the possible prize.

Pools, then, are bets divided into odds, and each bettor buys a certain number of odds. From bets on eight numbers, the amount of odds can vary between two and one hundred. The prizes are divided according to the pool odds.

There are no criteria for forming a pool group. There are friends, family, co-workers and even strangers who enter the bet together.

Whoever hits four or five numbers can also win the prize, they are called four and five numbers.

What is the value of the Mega-Sena bet?

These are the following values:

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