Woman is chased and booed through the streets after being abused

Eleven people, including several women, were arrested after a young mother was allegedly kidnapped, raped and then carried through the streets of Delhi in broad daylight, Indian police said on Friday.

The incident, the latest to expose sexual violence in India, drew widespread condemnation, including from the Delhi Women’s Commission and the city’s chief minister, who called it “shameful”.

Images shared on social media, which could not be independently verified, show the victim – with her face painted with paint and her hair cut – being pushed and booed by several women as spectators applaud her and film the scene with their cellphones. .

R. Sathiyasundaram, deputy police chief, said Wednesday’s incident in the Shahdara district of eastern Delhi was the result of a “previous conflict” between neighbors.

He did not elaborate, but media reports say a relative of the attackers committed suicide, aged 16, by throwing himself in front of a train after the 21-year-old married woman rejected his advances.

“The 11 detainees, including two minors, who cannot be tried as adults, belong to the same family and the videos clearly show that women were at the forefront,” Sathiyasundaram told AFP.

The victim told police that she was kidnapped by family members before being raped by several men and minors – urged on by the women – and then beaten with sticks and taken outside.

“We are examining the videos to identify others involved and there will be more arrests,” Chinmay Biswal of the Delhi police told AFP.

The woman, who has a two-year-old son, is receiving care after the incident, which reportedly took place just 50 meters from a police booth that was empty at the time.


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