Murilo Huff explains the reason for the end of his relationship with Marília Mendonça

Ex-boyfriend of Marília Mendonça (1995-2021), Murilo Huff revealed details about his last breakup with the singer. This week, the singer gave up the artist’s inheritance, which will continue to be managed by Ruth Moreira, the artist’s mother. In an interview, the ex-boyfriend of the queen of suffering said that they fought a lot and admitted that if he was still with her, he would be on the plane that crashed and caused his death and that of four other people.

“We traveled to Mexico, it was our last trip. It was our farewell, an incredible trip. Me and her fought a lot, but it was a silly fight. We fought over stupid things, just out of spite. On this trip, we didn’t fight. I already had an idea of ​​taking a step forward, Léo [filho dos cantores] I was going to be two years old. Then, we arrived from a trip and ended up for a silly, silly reason! A very stupid train”, said the sertanejo.

Murilo told Podpah that if he had dated Marília at the time of the accident, he would have boarded the plane that caused the singer’s death. “Even that was necessary, [pois tinha] 90% chance of me being on the plane. There was no show that weekend and it was one of the first shows.” “I think it was her second or third show, after two years off. Today, analyzing everything, I understand and, man, the universe does not make mistakes. Things happen the way they have to be. I don’t like to question God. If I didn’t have that stupid reason for us to fight and break up, I would probably be there”, concluded Murilo Huff.

Murilo Huff gives up the fortune left by Marília Mendonça

Murilo Huff, ex-boyfriend and father of Marília Mendonça’s son (1995-2021), who died in a plane crash at the end of 2021, surprised with a decision made this Wednesday (26) regarding the protection of the singer’s assets. . According to the column Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, he would be one of those responsible for taking care of his son’s inheritance, but he gave up the protection of the assets to which he was entitled in the artist’s patrimony. Therefore, the management of the assets will be under the care of Ruth Moreira, mother of the composer and grandmother of the boy.

Scheduled to take place since last year at the Goiás Court of Justice (TJ-GO), the action took place this Tuesday afternoon (26). According to the column, there was consensus on both sides, in a decision taken in a climate of total harmony. Murilo Huff and Marília Mendonça started their relationship in May 2019, and at the end of the same year, Léo was born, who is in the care of him and his maternal grandmother in shared custody.

According to Notícias da TV, it is estimated that the singer’s income was around R$ 10 million monthly, before the tragedy, with R$ 500 million of all the accumulated fortune. Even after her death, the singer’s family did not stop making money from her posthumous works and performances on streaming platforms.

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