1 child becomes a refugee per second; 3 million people left Ukraine – 03/15/2022

By the time the reader reaches the end of this text, at least two dozen children will have been turned into refugees in Ukraine. Data released this Tuesday by the UN reveal that, every second, a minor is forced to leave the country to survive. In total, the number of refugees reached the mark of 3 million people, in just 20 days of war.

For the entity, it is the most intense exodus of people since the end of the Second World War, with an unprecedented speed in the flight of families.

According to Unicef, 1.4 million minors have left Ukraine. Every day, 7,000 children gain refugee status, one every second. “This is an unprecedented flow since World War II,” said Unicef ​​spokesman James Elder.

“As long as the war continues, the situation for Ukrainian children will only get worse,” he warned. According to him, the shortage is such that children who are seriously injured only receive a black bracelet, indicating that they would not have a high chance of surviving.

Of the 3 million refugees, 1.8 million are in Poland. 300,000 have already left Eastern European countries and are currently in Western European regions. 90% of the flow is made up of women and children.

Another concern relates to food shortages. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, there are already reports of disputes over food. “It is an extreme situation of life and death”, highlighted the entity.

According to the agency, places like Mariupol are going through a “desperate” situation and some kind of solution needs to be reached to help civilians. Already preparing for the worst-case scenario, the International Committee admits that it took 5,000 bags to Ukraine to pack victims.

The UN, on Tuesday, again criticized the Russian repression against the press. According to the organization, 15,000 Russians have already been detained in different cities across the country for protesting against the war. The agency admits it does not know how many people have been released and there is no access to detainees.

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