About 2,400 companies in Brazil depend on Russian and Ukrainian suppliers | Economy

About 2,400 companies that depend on Russian and Ukrainian suppliers are headquartered in Brazil, according to a survey by trade information firm CIAL Dun & Bradstreet.

According to the report, of the 374 thousand companies worldwide that depend on Russian suppliers, 0.4% are based in Brazil, or 1,496 companies. The country is also home to 964 companies that rely on Ukrainian suppliers.

Also according to the study, there are at least 390 companies in the world with critical suppliers — those that supply goods and services worth at least US$100,000 and account for more than 5% of receivables — in Russia. They are mainly based in USA, China, India, Japan and UAE.

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In addition, there are at least 210 companies with critical suppliers in Ukraine. The top five countries with the most exposure are the US, Mexico, China, Brazil and Canada.

While Russia accounts for just 1.9% of global merchandise export value — Ukraine (0.3%) — both are the world’s largest exporters of specific goods, says Cial.

Together they account for 59% of global exports of sunflower oil, 36% of global exports of iron or non-alloy steel and 26% of global exports of wheat.

The report also points out that some countries may be alternative suppliers of some products, in case of interruption of sales by Russia and Ukraine. Brazil can even be a alternative supplier in the export of corn, iron, steel and iron ore.

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