AMD FSR 2.0 Coming Soon Promising High Image Quality and Performance

Technology can deliver images with quality above the original resolution, says AMD

Just last Friday (11) a developer of the CapFrameX software for frame time monitoring announced that a new FSR technology upgrade should arrive soon, probably in the 2022 GDC (Game Developers Conference) at March 23. He claims he saw some footage of the FSR 2.0 in action, which should be “Very impressive” and made some changes.

From the new version, FidelityFX Super Resolution would be based on a temporal upscaling, similar to DLSS, for example, but without needing Artificial Intelligence. O anti-aliasing would also be improved and the feature should still run on multiple GPUs with images that can be up to better than the native resolution, according to the OMG. This information was also confirmed by other sources.

Days later, later today, the same twitter account shared a graph comparing Deathloop’s performance using different FSR 2.0 settings versus native 4K resolution. The new generation of technology weighs a little more on the hardwarebut still delivers big leaps in performance in much better image qualityaccording to the information.

Even in ultra quality mode, the technology delivered a 45% frame rate gain on the RX 6800XT. (Image: CapFrameX/Playback)

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The latest update made by the twitter account also points out that AMD’s slide points out that the technology does not require any portion of dedicated hardware. This means that FSR 2.0 yes, you can use AI, but not rely on hardware for it, more or less how Intel XeSS will be implemented. This can still be accelerated by DP4A instructions.

Although this information is not confirmed, it is very consistent and makes it very clear that FSR 2.0 is probably real. In this case, the new version of the technology should probably be announced at GDC 2022 that takes place next Wednesday, March 23.


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Via: Videocardz Source: CapFrameX

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