Araruna receives reinforcement in the fight against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito with a smoke car


The Municipality of Araruna, through the Municipal Health Department, started this Monday (14/03), an intense work to combat Aedes aegypti in the places with the highest rate of mosquito infestation in the municipality. Araruna is receiving reinforcement from the smoke car in the fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

The application of the insecticide will take place throughout the week in the urban area and in the rural community of Mata Velha.

“Today we started the application of the insecticide through the smoke car, these are actions aimed at the control and elimination of the mosquito that transmits dengue”said Rodrigo Patrício, coordinator of VISA/Araruna.


“It is important to guide the entire population that the application of insecticide is a complementary and emergency action, considering that the vector control work is in the home visit, in the routine of the endemic agent who acts in the destruction of the mosquito larva, because, if If not controlled, the larva evolves into the adult mosquito that is responsible for transmitting the diseases. In addition to all the work carried out, municipal management through Primary Care bets on educational actions and campaigns, which also help in controlling the disease”, highlighted Mayor Vital Costa.

CARE – The population must clean the backyards every week, to avoid the accumulation of garbage that can collect water. Potted plants may also contain mosquito eggs or larvae.

Breeders are in any accumulation of stagnant water, no matter how small, even in bottle caps. But they are most often found in garbage, such as plastic waste, littering the streets. Plant dishes can be filled with coarse sand to the edges or washed with water, loofah and soap every week to eliminate mosquito eggs. Water storage locations must be kept with lids.

Know the main symptoms of the disease:
Chikungunya – Fever and joint pain come on suddenly. The patient may also experience muscle and headache pain, as well as fatigue and a skin rash.
Dengue – High fever, skin rashes and muscle and joint pain. In severe cases, there is heavy bleeding.
Zica – Fever, skin irritation, joint pain and red eyes.

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