Babylon’s Fall: After Disastrous Launch, PlatinumGames Is Asking Players for Help

Babylon’s Fall underwent a disastrous launch, at least based on early reports and unofficial numbers, so much so that the PlatinumGames decided to contact players directly for help on how to intervene to improve the game situation a bit.

Square Enix and PlatinumGames have published a survey aimed at players in which we try to collect feedback on elements of Babylon’s Fall that intervene urgently to improve the user experience of the game, even if at the moment it is almost exclusively technical features and the graphics.

The survey can be found at this address, and currently contains questions that focus primarily on the graphic style, character design, and overall aesthetics of the settings, as well as the design of weapons and armor, enemies, and the specific graphic style adopted in the “paint” style. to oil”.

The latter can be considered a critical element as it was introduced in the later stages of development and therefore can be removed based on the responses collected by players. The suspicion, however, is that Babylon’s Fall’s problems lie elsewhere, so a search focused solely on graphics is unlikely to help resolve the situation.

However, this is a start, with possible new feedback that may be requested later, more focused on the aspects of the gameplay that need more attention. Babylon’s Fall is one of the worst Playstation exclusives on consoles according to Metacritic’s ratings, it’s also available on PC (via Steam).


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