Cases of depression and anxiety are more common among people who have had severe Covid, study finds | coronavirus

A study touted as the first to analyze the long-term effects of Covid-19 on mental health was released this Monday (14) in the scientific journal “The Lancet”. In general terms, the researchers warn that the longer a person was out of routine activities because of the disease, the greater the chances that it had an impact on mental health.

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The researchers’ focus was on people who were not properly hospitalized. After analyzing data from patients from six countries, the scientists concluded that those who were bedridden for seven days or more were the most likely to suffer from depression, distress, anxiety and sleep disorders.

In this case, for the majority, the condition persisted for up to 16 months, which covered the entire study period.

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The researchers point out that, overall, symptoms of depression and anxiety mostly subsided two months after infection for patients who were not bedridden. However, those who needed to be away for a longer time from daily activities were the most impacted.

In all, the cases of 247,000 people in Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom were analyzed, with 4% of them being diagnosed with COVID-19 between February 2020 and August 2021.

“Over 16 months, patients who were bedridden for seven days or more continued to be 50 to 60% more likely to have depression and anxiety compared to people who were not infected during the study period.” .

“Our research is among the first to explore mental health symptoms after severe Covid-19 in the general population up to 16 months after diagnosis. This suggests that the effects are not the same for everyone and that time in bed is a key factor in determining the severity of mental health impacts.”

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