Elon Musk challenges Vladimir Putin to hand-to-hand fight – News

Billionaire Elon Musk challenged the Russian President Vladimir Putin this Monday (14) for a hand-to-hand “combat”. The prize of the fight would be Ukraine, scene of the offensive of the Russian Army, which has lasted almost three weeks.

“Challenge Vladimir Putin to a (hand-to-hand) combat. The prize is Ukraine,” tweeted the founder of Tesla and SpaceX companies, without giving further details of the proposal.

“Do you accept this fight?” Musk asked in another message, in Russian, directly addressing the Kremlin’s official Twitter account, in English.

And, faced with the incomprehension of one of his more than 77 million followers, he assured that he was “very serious”. The Russian government has not yet reacted.

The South African-born billionaire had already expressed his support for Kiev by tweeting “Ukraine, stand firm” in early March. He also hailed “the great people of Russia, who do not want” war.

In addition, it responded to a request for help from a Ukrainian official by activating the Starlink satellite internet service in Ukraine and sending equipment to bring connectivity to areas of the country affected by Russian military attacks.

Musk is used to controversy on Twitter. In February, he accused the US stock market regulator, which has imposed several sanctions on him, of trying to muzzle his freedom of expression.

Days later, in a message of support for people against the health restrictions imposed by the government of Canada, he compared his prime minister, Justin Trudeau, to Adolf Hitler. Afterwards, Musk deleted the post.

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