Healthy habits help prevent urinary incontinence

According to the Brazilian Society of Urology (SBU), in Brazil there are approximately 20 million people who suffer from urinary incontinence. A problem that affects the quality of life in general.

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For Dr Carlos Sacomani, director of the SBU and professor at the Faculty of Medicine of São Paulo (USP), incontinence affects an individual’s life in several ways, from moderate to severe, and can affect sexual, professional, and even routine performance. and relationships.

Urinary incontinence in women

According to Sacomani, the factors that cause urinary incontinence in women are related to physical efforts and weakening of the pelvic muscles. Many women when they cough, sneeze, or exercise, have small leaks of urine.

In most cases, this type of problem can be caused by many births, twin pregnancies or very heavy babies.

There are also patients who develop urinary incontinence because of the amount of caffeine ingested. This causes the bladder to suffer from a condition called “overactive bladder”, which is characterized by a lack of urinary control. It happens when they feel like urinating, they need to go to the bathroom quickly or they lose urine.

Urinary incontinence in men

Similar to women, overactive bladder can happen in men, but especially in the elderly. In addition, urinary incontinence may result from patients who underwent prostate surgery due to cancer.

How to treat urinary incontinence through healthy habits?

The best way to treat urinary incontinence problems is to adopt preventive health care from a young age. Lifestyle changes and physical therapy treatment to strengthen the pelvic floor are possible alternatives.

For those who suffer from overactive bladder, the doctor can prescribe specific medications, in addition to having the alternative of performing a bladder pacemaker implant. In addition, surgery can also be performed for cases of stress incontinence.

It is worth noting that preventive treatment involves physical activities and balanced diet and the fight against obesity, as being overweight increases the chances of developing this disease.

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