How is the war between Russia and Ukraine going? Summary

Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine

How is the war between Russia and Ukraine going? BBC News Brasil summarizes here the current moment of the conflict that started on February 24, with the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. Click on the highlighted links to delve deeper into the themes.

The war reaches its 19th day with intense bombing of the capital Kiev, at least two towns near the Russian border taken by Russian troops, peace talks underway with the sides for the fourth time, allegations of Russian use of biological weapons and conflicting estimates of death tolls on both sides.

The latest toll from Moscow put the number of dead Russian soldiers at nearly 500. But US intelligence sources say somewhere between 2,000 and 4,000 Russian soldiers died. Kiev claims that 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers died. It is estimated that in Mariupol alone, more than 2,500 civilians were killed. The BBC was unable to independently verify these figures. So far, the UN estimates that more than 2.8 million Ukrainians have left the country.

A recent victim was the pregnant Ukrainian woman photographed as she was carried on a stretcher from a maternity hospital in Mariupol hit by a Russian missile. Her baby was born with no signs of life, and she also died soon after.

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