Man suspected of being a serial killer of homeless people arrested in the US | World

A suspect was arrested on Tuesday (15) in Washington DC on suspicion of having connection with crimes committed against homeless people in two US cities, Washington DC and New York.

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Cops were looking for a lone gunman. Evidence from forensic analysis links the same person to shots fired at five homeless people in both cities.

Man suspected of shooting homeless people arrested in US

Man suspected of shooting homeless people arrested in US

The attacks began on March 3. Washington Metropolitan Police were alerted that there had been gunfire at 4:00 am, and that the victim had been taken to a hospital.

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Images released by the New York Police show the suspect shooting homeless people in two US cities – Photo: Reproduction / Via AFP

On March 8, the police discovered another homeless person who had been shot by a gun. He was also taken to a hospital.

The next day, police saw a tent on fire and found a dead man inside. After an analysis, it was determined that he had been the victim of a gunshot wound and an attack with a sharp object such as a knife.

Three days later, a 38-year-old man was shot in the arm in New York City.

A short time later, near the spot where this man was shot, police found another, dead, who had been shot in the head and neck. He was inside a sleeping bag.

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