Peru’s Congress opens process of impeachment of President Pedro Castillo

LUIS ROBAYO / AFPPedro Castillo was elected to be president of Peru in 2021, defeating Keiko Fujimori in the second round

The Congress of Peru, dominated by the right-wing opposition, accepted this Monday, 14th, to debate a motion of impeachment against leftist president Pedro Castillo, similar to those that led to the fall of former presidents Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, in 2018, and Martín Vizcarra, in 2020. “The motion was admitted [para debate]”, announced the head of Congress, María del Carmen Alva, after the initiative was approved with a score of 76 votes in favor, 41 against and one abstention.

Alva proposed that the plenary session decide on the president’s fate on Monday, March 28, but another opposition parliamentarian suggested moving it forward to Friday, the 18th. The decision will be taken this Monday, after a meeting of the heads of the benches. The “vacancy motion” is the second against Castillo in the seven and a half months he has been in power. In December, Congress rejected the first. For Castillo to lose office, 87 votes will be needed.

In the request, the parliamentarians allege that Castillo does not have “the moral capacity” to run the country, due to the alleged corruption in his surroundings, and that he would have committed “betrayal to the motherland” for having stated during an interview with a TV channel in January that intended to discuss a way to grant neighboring Bolivia, a landlocked country, an outlet to the sea, provided the Peruvian people agreed through a referendum. Castillo assumed the presidency of Peru on July 28, 2021, after defeating Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former dictator Alberto Fujimori, by a narrow margin of votes. Elected to govern for five years, Castillo’s term has been marked by great political instability – he has had to change the cabinet of ministers four times.

*With information from AFP

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