Player pretends to be an NPC and tricks invader

In Elden ringas in other games in the from software, players are allowed to invade other players’ worlds and even kill them. And, in order not to die, anything goes, including pretending to be a NPC.


was what the user xdc_lis did in a video he uploaded to the Elden Ring subreddit. He put on an NPC costume, went to the specific location where that NPC was, killed him and carefully threw his body behind a bush and then opened his world to invasions.

And when players invade your world, xdc_lis does an amazing job acting as the NPC. As the person runs looking for him, he keeps doing everything the supposed NPC would do, so the person gives up and leaves for another.

According to the system of Elden ringsomeone leaving your world without having killed you, counts as a victory, so the player still won a nice amount of runes.

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