PS5 suffers defeat by Xbox Series X|S in February sales in Europe

The PS5 suffers a historic defeat in an area that it boasted of being victorious. For the first timethe Xbox Series X|S seems to have overtaken the PS5 in terms of sales in February 2022 also in markets where it historically lagged behind Sony’s console, in this case in Europe.

There is still no precise data, but to report the issue is the usual Christopher Dring, a journalist at who deals with market and sales data, who anticipates what information will be arriving tomorrow in the European video game market.

As reported in the tweet below, the data collected by GSD for February 2022 is expected to show a drop in PS5 salesalthough it has been a month full of high-caliber releases from a software standpoint. “Console sales continue to struggle”reports Dring, “PS5 stock levels are at such a level that, for the first time, more Xbox Series were sold than PS5 in European markets tracked”.

In the state we are in at the moment, in terms of console production and distribution, it is clear that sales depend primarily on the ability to produce machines and bring them to market. Microsoft has the brilliant idea of ​​creating the Xbox Series S and this console has helped the results.

On the other hand, the increased presence of the Xbox Series X|S also gives rise to an interesting discussion about the strategy adopted by Microsoft for its next-gen consoles. Considering that the Xbox Series S seems to be more present than the other consoles, including the Xbox Series X, it is clear that it is an easier machine to produce also in terms of material collection and assembly.

It is difficult for Microsoft to have been able to predict the situation we find ourselves in at the moment, given that the crisis was not easily conceivable until a few years ago, but it seems that the bet on building a different model at a cost turned out to be particularly suitable.

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