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Published 03/13/2022 16:51

The Soviet-made military drone that crashed on Thursday in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, was carrying a bomb, the Croatian Defense Minister said on Sunday. “We discovered parts of the aerial bomb in the device (…) and we can now say that it is an aerial bomb that was used on Soviet-made aircraft,” Croatian Defense Minister Mario Bazonic told the press.

Croatian authorities said on Saturday that the device was a Tupolev Tu-141 (“fast” in Russian), a drone made in the 1970s and 1980s for the Soviet army, used in reconnaissance missions.

According to the Minister, the unmanned aircraft weighing more than 6 tons underwent “modifications (…), obviously, in recent years”. Remains of the explosive and other elements found suggest this artifact was not intended for reconnaissance, Banozic said.

The minister did not respond to journalists’ questions about whether the bomb had exploded, nor could he say what type it was.

The artifact fell on Thursday night in a park six kilometers from the center of Zagreb, next to a university campus that houses 4,500 students and about 200 meters from a residential area, without causing any casualties. Forty cars parked in a parking lot suffered damage.

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