The list of companies linked to the airline industry that have already left Russia grows

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With each passing day, the number of Western aerospace companies closing or suspending with business or services in Russia and Belarus grows, after the invasion of the country of Vladimir Putin to Ukraine. Most decisions are justified by the need to comply with Western sanctions.

The ramifications of these decisions will become clearer as time goes on, but there will certainly be impacts across the world, but much more so in Russia. Below is a list of companies that have already taken a stand on the matter:

Embraer, Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier suspended the supply of parts, maintenance and support services from Russian airlines.

– A CAE suspended all training services for pilots of Russian airlines, aircraft operators and even its services for the healthcare market. The company also said it would stop selling and repairing simulators.

– A honeywell released a statement stating that it has suspended all sales, distribution and service activities in Russia and Belarus.

– A Raytheon Technologiesthe parent company of Collins Aerospace, has suspended sales and support services for Russia’s civil aviation industry.

– A Jeppesena Boeing group company, said it would no longer update Russian airport and airspace navigation charts.

Amadeus and Saber discontinued their partnerships with Aeroflot, Russia’s national flag carrier. Aeroflot tickets can no longer be found on major search engines.

– The world’s logistics giants UPS, FedEx and DHL suspended operations and shipments in Russia and Belarus.

– A shell said it was suspending its aviation fuel delivery service at Moscow airports and across Russia.

– A China, given the sanctions, also refused to supply Russian airline aircraft with spare parts. Oleg Panteleev, head of the AviaPort agency, told Reuters this could lead to airlines cannibalizing parked planes as they look for supplies in other countries.

aircraft lessors are obliged to cancel all contracts with Russian companies by March 28th. Meanwhile, these companies are working hard on repossession of the planes.

– To all this is added the ban on flights by Russian companies to all of Europe, Canada, the United States, including the ban on overflights.

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