Tokyo will have six graphics modes on PS5 •

Ghostwire: Tokyo is just days away from release – on March 22nd, the new game from the creator of Resident Evil is coming to PC and PS5 (as a temporary console exclusive).

With the date getting closer and closer, new details about the game are emerging and the latest reveals that Ghostwire will have 6 graphics modes available on PS5.

This information was shared by the MP1ST website after spending some time with the game and you can see the six graphic modes below:

Quality Mode – In this mode, the game runs at 30fps with 4K resolution. Additional features such as ray-tracing reflections will be present along with other graphical improvements.

Performance Mode – For those who prefer fluidity to beauty, this is the right mode, as Ghostwire will run at a cap of 60fps. Of course, this means that the graphics will not be as beautiful, losing for example ray-tracing in real time.

High Frame-Rate Quality Mode – This mode is similar to the first one, the only difference here is that there is no frame cap, running between 40-50 fps. Still, the site does not recommend this mode due to screen tearing.

High Frame-Rate Performance Mode – This mode is similar to the second, with the only difference being that it is not limited to 60 fps, but can reach higher values. Like the previous mode, there is screen tearing.

High Frame-Rate Quality Mode With V-Sync/High Frame-Rate Performance Mode With V-Sync – The last two modes work like the HFR quality and HFR performance modes, the only difference being V-Synch on.

On a final note, the site indicates that a patch will be released along with the release to resolve the screen-tearing issues.

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