Twitter’s “Close Friends” Should Support 150 Followers

The “Close Friends” function of twitter is even closer to release, suggests a finding released by programmer Nima Owji. Formerly known as “Twitter Flock”, the feature is now found under the title “Twitter Circle” in the code of the platform’s web app version and also reveals details about how it works.

On Twitter Circle, it will be possible to add up to 150 people to follow exclusive tweets, as with Close Friends on Instagram: only those people can reply, like and read these posts. The user can modify the members of this restricted group whenever he wants, without notifying who has been added or removed.

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A feature like this has been requested by the Twitter community for years — no wonder many people create secondary profiles where there is more fine-grained control over followers to speak only to that group. Rumors about the tool have been circulating for some time and in January the first indication that it was in development was found.

Under development

For now, Twitter Circle is not even available to users or testers. The feature should not yet be ready to be released to users. Probably, when the function is finally available, Rede do Passarinho Azul should disclose the news on an official profile.

Source: Nima Owji

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