WhatsApp’s new feature against fake news could arrive soon

The most used messenger in the world would be testing a new feature that would help fight fake news, and those inconvenient “good morning” messages that are shared. Remembering that WhatsApp has been heavily criticized for “facilitating” the spread of fake messages, especially since the pandemic began and during election periods.

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However, some time ago the application began to automatically identify forwarded messages more than four times, although it still cannot identify its content due to end-to-end encryption.

The news came through the WABetaInfo website

This feature would be in the testing phase in the beta version of whatsappaccording to information from the WABetaInfo website, and the objective would be fight disinformationpreventing the forwarding of the same message to several groups simultaneously.

Today it is still possible to share the same message in up to five groups, but with this resource the limitation will be to share in only one, so that if the user wants to share the same message, he will have to manually copy the message to be shared.

According to the information discovered, the limit that the feature will impose should reach messenger users soon.

At first, the application should display the following message: “Forwarded messages can only be sent to a group chat.”

It is hoped that the fact that the person has to repeat the entire process of sending message by message manually, can discourage the behavior of spreading fake news.

According to Hemerson Brandão of Gizmodo: “There is still no information on when the new rule will come into effect, but it is likely that it will be available before October, when the presidential election in Brazil takes place.”

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