Woman breaks into Russian state TV newspaper with anti-Ukrainian war poster – News

A woman invaded this Monday (14) the studio of the Russian state channel Channel One with a poster in protest against the war in ukraine. On the card, journalist Marina Ovsyannikova carried the message “Stop the war! Don’t believe propaganda! They are lying to you here.”

In the video, the news anchor was calling out a story when Ovsyannikova invaded the studio with the poster and shouted in Russian “No to war! Stop the war”. A few seconds after the act, the newspaper cut the images of the studio and started showing a story.

The TV channel Channel One, shortly after the incident, released a note in which it says it is investigating the case, according to the Russian news agency TASS. Ovsyannikova would be one of the editors of the television channel.

Also according to TASS, Ovsyannikova was detained and taken to provide clarification on the case. It is worth noting that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, sanctioned a law that provides for 15 years in prison for those who deliver “fake news” on the country’s Armed Forces.

Using social media before the invasion live on state TV, Ovsyannikova published a video in which she protests against the war and emphasizes being the daughter of a Ukrainian father and Russian mother.

“All responsibility for this aggression rests with the conscience of one person: Vladimir Putin. My father is Ukrainian, my mother is Russian. They were never enemies.”

The journalist also highlighted the shame she has to have worked for so many years on Channel One, which, according to her, works as a platform for Putin’s propaganda.

“Unfortunately, for the last few years I’ve worked on Channel One promoting Kremlin propaganda, so I’m pretty embarrassed now. I am ashamed because I let lies be told from the TV screen, because I let the Russian people be zombified.”

For Ovsyannikova, the whole world moved away from Russia with this invasion, something that will take years to change. “Ten generations of our descendants will not be able to cleanse the shame of this fratricidal war”, she concludes.

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