4 Drinks to Naturally Lower Blood Sugar

Suffering from high blood sugar, diabetes or insulin resistance is not an easy task. Having to control these rates can be complex, especially if you don’t know what foods and drinks should or shouldn’t be consumed and the limit amount to keep your health up to date.

With that in mind, the Mega Notícias website (in Spanish) has listed 5 drinks that can naturally lower blood sugar. See below:


The most obvious item of all and present on any list when the topic is health. With good hydration, you soon have a healthy intake, helping to control diabetes and allowing the kidneys to function properly, an essential organ in the elimination of excess toxins and minerals through the urine.


If you’ve already had a lot of water and would like something different, a glass of milk may be the solution. Even though it contains natural sugars, proteins and vitamins, milk does not increase glucose percentages like refined products. The liquid can even improve the insulin response when compared to other foods considered high in carbohydrates.

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The tea no sugar It is also a healthy option for diabetics. In addition to not raising the level of glucose, the drink contains antioxidants that will help fight the oxidative damage that can lead to the diagnosis of this disease, preventing heart disease.

chamomile tea

To name some teas exactly, chamomile infusion is one of the most consumed, due to benefits such as glucose reduction.

Cinnamon tea

Another advisable tea is cinnamon, responsible for reducing blood sugar levels by producing an insulin-like effect, where the body moves glucose from the bloodstream through the organs. Studies published in the National Library of Medicine of the United States show that consumption of this spice can increase insulin sensitivity immediately, with lasting effects of up to twelve hours.


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